About us

Funded and built by the Shanghai Film (Group) Co Ltd, Shanghai Film Studios Amusement Park is a site for film & TV shooting, sightseeing, and cultural communication. It has the sets of “1930s Nanjing Road”, “West Nanjing Road”, “shi-ku-men Alleyways of Shanghai”, “Old Town of Shanghai”, “European Buildings”, “Suzhou Creek Neighborhood”, “Moller Villa”, “Church”, “Peace Plaza”, “Zhejiang Road Steel Bridge”, “Lake & Hills” and so on, as well as large soundstages, costume warehouses, set-decoration and prop warehouses, and construction workshops etc. Its entertainment programs include “Tram Car Tour”, “SFS Costume & Props Exhibition”, “Witness Film Shooting” and so on.


Main Business:

1)  Set renting

2)  Visitor Reception

3)  Wedding Photo Shooting

4)  Set Decoration & Construction

5)  Film & TV Shooting Equipment Leasing

6)  Costumes & Props leasing

7)  Pyrotechnics & Weapon Leasing

8)  Leasing of Transportation Vehicles