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Built by the Shanghai Film (Group) Co. Ltd, this theme park is conveniently located by the south side of Beisong Road and to the west of Shanghai-Hangzhou railway. It is a site for film & TV shooting, sightseeing and cultural communication.

If you wish to explore the bustling old Shanghai, take the tram car tour, and roam on the 1930th Nanjing Road, the old streets & alleyways, the Suzhou Creek Neighborhood, and the Zhejiang Road Steel Bridge. You can also find the Catholic church, the medieval winery, and different style European buildings here.

In the large Costume and Prop Exhibition Halls, you will find not only costumes and props of different dynasties and styles, but also the vivid wax figures of film stars.

Entertainment Programs
Tram Car Tour on the 1930s Nanjing Road and other sights
Costume & Prop Exhibition Tour
Film Stunts Show: 10:30am, 13:30pm

Admission fee: 80 yuan (Adult); 40 yuan (children)
Admission for group visitors (over 30 people): 20% off We offer preferential prices for travel agencies, senior people, and students.
Reservation Hotline:021-57600008 021-57601166
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm

A tour guide will be available for group visitors.
There are restaurants with reasonable prices in the Park.
One ticket will allow you access to all available sites in the Park (entertainment programs not included).
Admission free for group travel guide (professional ID required).

Special Tourist Buses
Monday-Friday: 9:30am start from Shanghai Stadium (the Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Center) and return @ 14:15pm
Saturday & Sunday: Hongkou Stadium 9:00am – Shanghai Stadium 9:40am – return @ 15:00 Shanghai Stadium 9:30am – return @14:15

Public Transport
Metro Line 1: Transfer at South Railway Station, Take the Shang-Shi Line Bus to the Shi-hua direction and get off at the Chedun stop.
Metro Line 1: Transfer at Jinjiang Park Station, Take the Hu-Jin Line Bus to the Jinshan direction and get off at the Chedun stop.
Metro Line 1: Transfer at Lianhua Station, Take the Lian-Shi Line bus, Lian-Feng Line Bus or Lian-Jin Line Bus, and get off at the Chedun stop.
Metro Line 1: Transfer at Xinzhuang Station, Take the Xin-Song Line bus or Hu-Jin Line Bus in the Jinshan direction, and get off at the Chedun stop.
Metro Line 1: Transfer at New Songjiang Town, Take the Song-Min Line bus, and get off at the Chedun stop.

Self Driving
Shanghai City – Hu-Hang Expressway – Xin Qiao Exit – turn left to Xin Che Highway – turn left at Bei Song Highway, drive ahead 100 meters and you are there.